Case 2: Anterior Inferior Bridge

Anterior inferior implant supported porcelain fused to metal bridge


Anterior Inferior Implant Supported Porcelain Fused to Metal Bridge
This patient came to use with a periodontal problem with his lower teeth. Periodontal disease had already damaged all surrounded bone and gums. The patents anterior inferior teeth had to be extracted and some implants had to be placed. Anterior inferior bridge over implants was made. Both inferior canines received zirconia-porcelain crowns. The implant supported bridge is metal-porcelain Bridge (high noble metal alloy). This patient had to come to Costa Rica two times. First for extraction of the teeth and implant placement surgery. Second trip was for implant supported bridge and zirconia-porcelain crowns placement. The result was excellent. This patient has to come back for the upper teeth periodontal treatment.


September 2014