Case 4: Full Porcelain Crowns

Anterior full porcelain crowns. Smile design


Anterior full porcelain crowns. Smile design. Digital smile design
Patient came to our office and in a regular checkup. Female, 47 years old had smile design performed by other professional. She had all anterior superior from second premolar to second premolar zirconia- porcelain crowns. The same in the lower anterior teeth. On the checkup we notice a gap between 3 crowns and the teeth with surrounded cavities. It was necessary change this crowns, so we decided to redo the smile design. The decision was that there was a way to make this woman look much younger. After digital smile design, wax up, mock up test on patient and her acceptance we made zirconia-porcelain crowns. Patient lost 10 years on her smile and face after the treatment. Excellent result. This person does not stop smiling ever after.


Local dental lab   (Ceramist Alejandro Araya Alvarado)


December 2014