Your Mouth Your Heart Your Health


Studies prove that the bacteria in your mouth can significantly impact your overall health. By controlling bacteria levels, you can reduce your risk for many serious diseases, including heart disease, the leading cause of death for men and women in our nation. Here are a few facts you might find interesting:


  • Gum disease affects 80% of Americans, and it is associated with increased risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes complications, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, low-weight birth, and certain forms of cancer. Gum disease is also the leading cause of tooth loss for American adults. At six-month dental cleanings, your dentist will remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria that contribute to gum disease.


  • The same bacteria that cause cavities, Streptococcus mutans, can get into the bloodstream. S. mutans is the leading cause of endocarditis, a potentially deadly condition in which the lining in heart valves becomes inflamed. At checkups, Dr. Demianko will assess your gums, soft tissues, jaw joints, head, neck, and teeth. Checkups, cleanings, and proper daily home care will reduce your risk for cavities and help control S. mutans.


  • Oral cancer claims about 8000 American lives annually – that’s one life every hour of every day, all year long. At every dental checkup, your dentist will assess the soft tissues of your mouth to look for signs of oral cancer lesions. With early treatment, oral cancer victims have a much better chance of survival. While smoking and other lifestyle factors can contribute to the development of oral cancer, some victims have no risk factors.


  • This information is certainly not intended to scare you. On the contrary, we want you to be informed. The best practice for avoiding gum disease, oral cancer, and health complications associated with oral disease is to attend six-month checkups and cleanings, brush and floss daily, stop smoking, and follow through with recommended dental treatment.