Prevent Enamel Breakdown


Your teeth are extremely strong and complex. Covered by a compound called enamel which is the second strongest substance on the entire planet, your pearly whites still undergo a lot of wear and tear, and can succumb to damage. If your smile isn’t all it should be, consider living your life proactively by avoiding habits that could bring cosmetic ruin to your natural teeth.

Your teeth are meant to cut through and grind food when you bite and chew. They are not meant for crunching down on extremely hard non-edible objects. If you have bad habits such as chewing ice cubes, biting your nails, gnawing on writing implements, or cracking shelled nuts with your choppers, chips, cracks, or fractures may very well ensue. Chewing on nothing can be just as detrimental. if you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) the crushing force of your top and bottom teeth rubbing against each other can create long term problems, including temporomandibular joint disorder ( TMD).

The foods you eat not only induce tooth decay, but can also impact how white your teeth are. Dark-colored foods and beverages can cause deep stains on your teeth, which may require professional whitening treatments. Avoiding highly acidic food and drink items can help keep your enamel strong. Acid softens enamel and if you brush your teeth too soon after consuming acidic food and drinks, you could end up damaging that protective outer shell permanently. This will make you a sitting duck for cavities in the near future. Consuming a healthy, low-sugar, low-acid diet will keep your body and your teeth stay strong. However, if the damage is already done, and weakened teeth have succumb to chips or cracks, there are always reasonable cosmetic solutions to make your teeth look terrific again.