Internal Dental Bleaching

Case of this week. Patient male 35 years old came to our office concerned about a color of his left anterior tooth. This tooth has a root canal treatment that had to be repeated. The color of the tooth was unacceptable. The patient had this problem for at least 10 years. He got used to smile without showing his teeth and no another dentist told him that there was a way to change it.

First Dr. Lorena Leon, specialist in endodontics, repeated the root canal treatment. After that he came to me to solve the esthetic problem. I used Opalescence Endo bleaching, by Ultradent Products (USA). After two applications the desirable color was achieved. Both anterior teeth matched color. Now the patient decided to do the home bleaching of the rest of the teeth in order to improve his smile.





Smile is the most important aspect of a human body. It can change your life for the best or for the worst. Smile can sale, smile gets job, smile gets friend or life partner.

We can improve your smile trough esthetic dental procedures.


Dr. Natalia Demianko
DDS / 2015