Smile Design

Every time a patient comes to our office we see a person, a human being, with hopes, expectations, and fears, sometimes complexed by some part of their bodies. Teeth play enormous role in the wellbeing of the person. And the esthetics of the smile is a complex factor. Smile design is not a dental spatiality, it is a skill. Any esthetic restoration requires imaginative skills, superior clinical talents, and the comprehension of all facial relationships that make treatment successful.

Every time I look at my patients face I get amazed by the perfection of all the details of the face. Lips play as curtains that reveal the dentition beneath when an emotional reaction takes place.  Interproximal papilla complements the overall shape of the dentition. The harmony of the human body has inspired many artists to create their masterpieces.



Smile design begins with first look at the patients face and first words. I observe all the structures involved in persons speech. Relationships between lips, teeth, eyes and nose are analyzed almost in first minutes of the appointment. In order to remember all the aspects of the speech and appearance the video of the first conversation is taped. Then we proceed to interview the patient. All the expectations and hopes are listed and we are ready to proceed with the diagnosis and treatment plan. When all the details are analyzed I give a person a realistic treatment plan. It does not always fulfills all the expectations, the desirable result mostly depends on the actual initial situation.


Then digital Smile Design is performed. This procedure helps to design the best shape of the teeth according to macro facial aspects of the face. Then wax up is performed on the diagnostic model. With this wax up the try in mock up proceeds. The person tries in the design. Special removable material is used for the try in procedure. The speech, esthetics, comfort are analyzed in this appointment.  And only after the acceptance of the treatment the esthetic procedure begins.


Changing smile is a very unique experience for the patient and for the practitioner. The happiness and the big smile on the persons face at the end of the treatment is priceless.


 Dr. Natalia Demianko
DDS / 2015