Composite Dental Bonding

Dental composites now a days are very versatile. The materials are made to function for years with very little wear or color change.


Smile design sometimes is confused with a very extensive and invasive procedure, but not some cases can be solved or improved with very little or none tooth alteration. With the composite dental bonding we can improve shape of the teeth.


The color has to be improved with the dental bleaching previous to composite bonding. In this article I present you a case that I saw this week. Patient 40 years old, engineer, bites pencil as a habit.  The incisal edge of anterior superior teeth is broken. He likes his smile. He likes the color of his teeth. The only thing that bothers him are the edges of the anterior teeth. We decide to perform composite dental bonding.


The procedure is easy. It is necessary to do the wax up on a diagnostic model in order to establish the best esthetic. Then we use a matrix for sculpting the restorations. Than we polish, and seal with the special agent in order to maintain the color of the restorations for many years. In this case we used 3m acid, 3m dental bonding agent, Vitalescence composite, shofu polishing discs, and BisCover as a sealing agent.


Composite dental bonding before


Composite dental bonding waxup


Composite dental bonding matrix guide


 Composite dental bonding procedure


 Composite dental bonding prosedure


 Composite dental bonding after


 Composite dental bonding close up

Dr. Natalia Demianko
DDS / 2015