The All On 4 Process

Let’s talk about All on 4 concept and what does it mean exactly. First of all this is a procedure for an edentulous patient or for the patient who is to be edentulous in short period of time.

Patients that are edentulous have to be considered as an invalid person. If you have some relatives that are edentulous and they tell you that they are ok and they feel fine, it is not true. The person without teeth cannot eat, live or smile normally and does not feel as a complete person. That is due to the removable prosthesis they wear. This prosthesis are terrible, they move, do not chew well meat or hard food, they smell and they are not their teeth! They move! They can take them out! This is not good for the self-esteem! Well thanks god we have implants and can resolve this problem.

Using several implants we can retain the prosthesis, so the person does not have to remove it. It will always be a prosthesis but with a big difference, it will not move, the person will be able to chew hard food and meat. It will be fixed prosthesis. The dentist will be the one who will be able to take it out. It will be skewed to implants. For this treatment we need several implants placed in order to support a full arch forces. All on 4 is just one type of this procedures. It means all maxilla on 4 implants and all mandibular on 4 implants. In order to achieve the stability for the prosthesis the distant implants are placed in inclined position.

Advantage for this procedure is cost related. Placement of 4 implants is cheaper than a conventional 5 o 6 implants. Another advantage is most of the time sinus lift is not necessary, using implants in incline position. This type of treatment is not that expensive and the post-surgery is easier for the patient. Another benefit is that when you use an all on 4 technic it is necessary to put transitional prosthesis immediately. That means that the person lives the office after the surgery with the teeth in place. Usually it takes from 4 month to 6 month for the implants to osteo integrate. All this time the person uses the temporary screwed to implants prosthesis. It is very comfortable and the person is able to eat almost everything. After the time of osteo integration the person has to come back to the dentist to do the final prosthesis. This one will have a metal bar that is not visible but it helps the prosthesis to support masticatory forces for years. This in case of medical tourism would be a 2 trip procedure.

 Dr. Natalia Demianko

DDS / 2015