BruxZir Zirconia Crowns

First launched as being "More Brawn Than Beauty," the material was originally intended to provide a durable, more esthetic alternative to posterior metal occlusal PFMs or cast gold restorations for demanding situations like bruxers, implant restorations and areas with limited occlusal space. Now, thanks to the new BruxZir Shaded formulation, BruxZir restorations exhibit improved translucency and color similar to natural dentition, making them a restorative option in the anterior as well. Complete color penetration all the way through the restorations ensures greater shade consistency and prevents any shade changes after occlusal adjustment.

As the translucency and esthetics of BruxZir Solid Zirconia continue to improve, it has transitioned from being solely a posterior material to being an anterior material as well, meaning it can be used in almost any clinical situation. The biggest reasons for the rapid growth of BruxZir are high strength and fit. As a monolithic restoration with no porcelain on it, BruxZir Solid Zirconia has the lowest fracture rate of any restoration (besides cast gold) in our lab
BrixZir solid Zirconia from Glidewell Laboratories has won the Dental Advisor 2016 Award as a long - term performer zirconia. We are proud to see that our choice for full coverage crowns is a correct choice. case.



 Dr. Natalia Demianko

DDS / 2016