Affordable Dental Treatments Abroad

First If the price of dental procedures, such as full mouth restoration, rehabilitation and reconstruction is too high in your home country, you'll benefit from learning about Demianko Dental Care. This clinic operates in Costa Rica, where the price of dental care is much lower.



When you choose this clinic, you'll access superb dental procedures from licensed dentists, for much less than what you'd pay domestically. If you want a healthy and beautiful smile, without a daunting price tag, choosing to travel to Costs Rica for a procedure (or more than one procedure) may be the best way to achieve the smile of your dreams, without needing to spend nearly as much.



Today, we're going to share some important facts about this impressive dental clinic. We want you to know exactly what it has to offer.



Why Choose Demianko Dental Care?

All Costa Rica dentistry is not created equal. When you choose your dental clinic with care, you'll dramatically boost your chances of a successful and pleasing end result. Demianko Dental Care has a strong and positive reputation. It's been serving the needs of clients in Costa Rica and abroad for years now.



This clinic also offers all of the dental services that most people need, including full mouth restoration with Zirconia dental crowns, veneers crafted with Emax technology and traditional bridges. This clinic is affiliated with America's respected Smith Sterling Dental Lab and uses this lab in order to create perfect restorations for each and every client. If you want the ultimate in full mouth rehabilitation, full mouth reconstruction and affordable dentistry, you need look no further. Cad Cam technology is utilized in order to ensure perfect fit and gorgeous results. This clinic is run by Dr. Natalia Demianko, which is renowned for her superlative aesthetics and dental care credentials.



Smile design doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. When you choose the right Costa Rican dental clinic, you'll be ready to get a Hollywood smile abroad. As well, you'll be ready to experience the wonders of Costa Rica as you get your procedures. This is a beautiful country and it's a hub for tourists, so you'll find that its natural beauty, affordable food and accommodations and warm, friendly people make your trip an absolute pleasure. Contact the Team Today.



There is simply no reason to overpay for dental procedures in the USA or Canada. By choosing "dental tourism", you'll save money, even when the cost of travel is factored in. Prices are much lower, but quality is very high, as long as you choose a clinic which is world-renowned for its artistic and long-lasting smile restorations.



You deserve to look your very best and to enjoy premium oral health. When you choose this clinic, you'll get the look that you want, as well as the highest standard of dental care, according to industry best practices. It's all about saving money on top-tier dentistry, just by accessing it in Costa Rica.



Smart people know that affordable dental procedures are out there. Demianko Dental Care is a clinic that they turn to when they want great results for reasonable rates.



Now that you know more about this Costa Rican dental clinic, why not connect with the Demianko Dental Care team today? When you do, you'll be able to plan a Costa Rican holiday which gives you a perfect smile, as well as many fond memories.


The team will offer you all kinds of guidance and assistance. They've helped lots of clients from the USA and Canda and they will provide answers to your questions and lots of other relevant information.


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 Dr. Natalia Demianko

DDS / 2016